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5 reasons why you will love learning Japanese

Author: Tadao Suyama

July 24, 2020 | 6 min read

Konnichiwa! If you have reached this blog, I am sure that you are interested in learning Japanese. Why do you want to study it? Are you interested in Japanese pop culture? Did you fall in love with a Japanese man/woman? For any reasons you have, here are the 5 reasons why I think you will love learning this language.

1. The massive variety of ways to express your ideas and feelings

How much vocabulary you should have to understand more than 90% of a daily conversation? While it’s about 3,000 words in English, you should learn about 10,000 words in Japanese. You may find it very difficult to learn this enormous amount of vocabulary, but I guarantee you it’s worth it!. More words mean various ways to explain your feelings and ideas. When you master using Japanese, you will be able to express your emotions with a delightful variety of specific words, you will be surprised about how colourful and beautiful the Japanese language can be.

2. Understanding and enjoying the authenticity of Japanese culture

Japanese culture is globally acknowledged and its pop culture and healthy lifestyle have been adopted in the world. However, when I watch Japanese movies in English, I find the translations can give you a totally different impression of what it actually means. That is why I like watching movies or reading books in their original languages. When you can understand Japanese, you will be able to enjoy the culture on a totally different level. Trust me, it is such a joy to understand the authentic meanings and its original messages!

3. Enjoying full travel experiences

Where is your next travel destination? Japan is always ranked in most visited countries, and 13 million people were visiting Tokyo in 2019. Nevertheless, only 20 to 30% of the Japanese population can communicate in English, which is really not a high percentage. This figure can get even lower especially in the countryside, where you should not expect local Japanese people to speak English at all.

For enjoying the Japanese culture fully while you are travelling, speaking and understanding Japanese is crucial. Beautiful views, old architectures, warm-hearted people and old-fashioned food culture… You can enjoy the most authentic Japanese culture in the countryside. We may look very shy, but once we know that you speak Japanese, we will not stop talking and start entertaining you, which we call “Omotenashi”!

4. Deep-diving into the Japanese food culture

Did you know that there are 29 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars in Japan?. Japan is the country with the most Michelin-star awarded cities!. Not only authentic Japanese food, but you can also enjoy all types of international fare in Japan. Especially in Tokyo, where there are over 160,000 restaurants and it is amazingly easy to find an affordable and super enjoyable restaurant. The only problem is; their menu… When I go out in Japan, I often see that restaurants have their menu in  Japanese only. Especially in old-fashioned Japanese restaurants, where you must probably need to communicate in Japanese. If you are a food lover, Japanese is the language you must learn. You will never get bored of food hunting in Japan!

5. Making Japanese friends

This is the most exciting part of learning a new language. You will be able to communicate with more people and expand your circle of friends. Through learning and discovering a new language and culture, you get to understand your own culture at a deeper level as well. Japan is such a unique country and we are so much more than just manga, samurais and geishas!

Final Comments

In the global community, it is very important to understand and respect other nationalities and cultures. By studying Japanese, you could expand your cultural knowledge and make you a more interesting person. Most importantly, you could make more connections! More friends, more job or business opportunities, and it might change your life dramatically as well. I hope the learning journey of Japanese will enhance your lifestyle and wide open your mind! 

If you are interested in learning Japanese, remember that in Japademy you get access to the best online courses and live instructor lessons. This is your opportunity to start breathing the real Japanese culture.

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